LIDIX CL-2 Currency Discriminator Single Pocket Counter
July 18, 2020
LIDIX ML-1 V – 2 Pocket Currency Value Counter/Discriminator Bank & Casino Models (Voucher Ticket Processing)
July 18, 2020

LIDIX ML-2 F -2 Pocket Fitness Sorter – Value and Fitness Discriminator (ATM Cash Fitness Sorting)

Highly rated as one of the best counters by both Financial Institutions and Casino’s

LIDIX ML-2 F – 2 Pocket Value Count High Speed Discriminator. Count mixed currency, single denomination with off-sort of wrong denomination, sorting of bills, face and orientation sorting of bills, fitness sorting, barcode reader for cash-out voucher tickets (Casino), Off-Sort reject pocket, serial number read, Dual CIS sensor and 5″ touch screen.
Counterfeit detection UV, IR, MG, FL and Ultrasonic

The most reliable currency counter on the market today in both Casino and Bank environments. The most durable, reliable and accurate discriminator with the lowest reject rate available today.

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